Welcoming Richmond

“There is no place like Richmond. From the unique geographic location to the diversity of our people and the society we have created together, Richmond exemplifies many of the best principles of humankind. Among the values that I think represent Richmond best is that single word: Welcoming.”
Core Values


Richmond is one of the world’s most diverse cities. With people representing 140 different ethnicities – including a diversity of life experiences, interests, abilities and contributions – our richest resource is our population.

Our city is a model to the world for harmonious coexistence and celebration of diversity. Every decision we make is taken through a lens of how it will enhance the collective and individual well-being of our diverse population.

Richmond is a safe, inclusive and beautiful city because of the people who call this home. These inherent qualities are supported and enhanced by city government decisions, policies and programs that build on the successful foundation of generations who came before. We are committed to creating a Richmond that is even stronger through diversity, so that generations to come will continue to model the values of unity through diversity that draw so many here from all across the globe.

With the support of Bill McNulty, the City of Richmond has:

  • Expanded cultural and artistic expressions of diversity through city facilities, as well as arts, culture and heritage programs Partnered with a network of grassroots community-based cultural and heritage organizations to build even stronger connections within and between communities
  • Implemented an Arts Strategy that reflects the importance of expression as part of a healthy society
  • Supported the creation and maintenance of historical sites that celebrate Richmond pioneers and builders
  • Built and maintained an enviable network of parks, trails and recreation facilities that help Richmond residents enjoy healthy leisure activities – and some of the longest life expectancies in Canada
  • Nurtured an economic climate that is supportive of businesses, independent entrepreneurs, workers and consumers
  • Ensured a city that is safe for residents and visitors of all ages
  • Welcomed all types of families, with increasingly varied housing options, and services that meet the requirements of adults and children regardless of need, ability, challenge, identity or background
  • Recognized that companion animals are family members and adopted policies that have made Richmond one of the most animal-friendly communities in Canada

Learn more about Bill’s achievements and commitments around making Richmond an even more welcoming community!

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