Economically Vibrant Richmond

“There are few cities as strategically situated as Richmond. With ease of access for people and cargo by land, sea, air and rail, our geographic setting gives impetus to economic achievement. To maximize this natural advantage, we have implemented policies and built a business-friendly climate that invites entrepreneurs and employees to reach their dreams in Richmond.”
Core Values


Through ideal geographic positioning and civic leadership, Richmond is an economic engine of Metro Vancouver. Bill McNulty is an unrelenting champion of business in the city. He has initiated and endorsed policies that help attract and grow economic drivers to Richmond. The business climate of Richmond is enhanced by human diversity, natural and agricultural richness, a diversified economy, risk-taking entrepreneurs, business-friendly policies and endless optimism. Critical to the success of entrepreneurs and all people of Richmond are policies that encourage success. With Bill McNulty’s support, Richmond has:

  • Kept taxes low
  • Ensured spending remains under control
  • Consistently delivered civic services that are among the finest in Canada
  • Created an environment for families of all sizes, forms and needs to live, recreate, work and thrive
  • Streamlined services to businesses
  • Created jobs that make Richmond a destination for workers from throughout Metro Vancouver
  • Adopted programs to maximize the capacities of Richmond’s employment and industrial lands

Learn more about Bill McNulty’s achievements and commitments around Economically Vibrant Richmond in his policy statement.

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