Accessible Richmond

“We have built a city that is among the most welcoming and diverse in the world. Our responsibility now is to break down every barrier to access and inclusion. We strive to create a Richmond that is accessible to all, irrespective of ability, background or income.”
Core Values


Bill McNulty is committed to a city that is welcoming and inclusive to all people, regardless of age, ability, background, economic situation or other factors.

We are proud that Richmond has been recognized with the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessible Cities Award, acknowledging the steps we have taken as a community to make Richmond inclusive and accessible. However, we will not cease from expanding accessibility everywhere.

Bill views accessibility comprehensively. This includes:

  • Ensuring that city services – and indeed, the city as a whole – is accessible and barrier-free to all residents and visitors, including as many resources as possible are available electronically
  • Guaranteeing city programs and services meet the individualized needs of people of all abilities
  • Encouraging partner agencies and all organizations, businesses and people in Richmond to view decisions through a lens of accessibility and inclusion
  • Recognizing economic challenges as a barrier to inclusion With these core values in mind, Bill McNulty has strongly supported accessibility initiatives, including:
    • Providing accessible entrance to, and use of, all civic facilities
    • Developing resources to assist community partners to deliver accessible and inclusive services and programs
    • Delivering adapted recreational programs and services for people of all abilities
    • Creating and maintaining resources for all residents and visitors to access services they require and that suit their needs
    • Expanding access to affordable housing through community partnerships, innovative initiatives with developers and property owners, providing city land for non-market housing and more
    • Created emergency shelters for homeless individuals, temporary housing for women and children experiencing domestic violence, short-term emergency housing, and extreme weather response shelters

Learn more about Bill McNulty’s achievements and commitments around Accessible Richmond in his policy statement.

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