Safe Richmond

“Richmond is a safe city not by accident but by design. Policies and programs we have put in place have drawn residents and visitors from around the world to live, work, recreate and achieve in an environment of harmony, inclusion and security.”
Core Values


Richmond attracts residents and visitors from around the world because we are a safe, secure, welcoming city.

Keeping Richmond safe is Bill McNulty’s top priority. Maintaining a safe community is foundational to the success of individuals and businesses.

With the leadership of Bill McNulty, the City of Richmond has:

  • Supported and expanded frontline service providers, adding 51 police officers, 36 fire and rescue personnel and replacing or upgrading fire halls
  • Created B.C.’s only joint fire hall and ambulance station at the Cambie Richmond Fire Hall #3
  • Reduced response time for fire and police
  • Created a police bike squad to improve safety, security and accident investigations
  • Declining residential break-ins and thefts from autos
  • Installed intersection cameras to increase safety and expedite investigations
  • Implemented and expanded programs that encourage residents to engage in household, neighbourhood and community safety
  • Empowered young people to become engaged citizens and enhance their community
  • Increased transparency and public awareness around incidents of crime
  • Developed emergency preparedness protocols and resources to ensure maximal individual and collective readiness

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