Keep Richmond Safe

Richmond is one of the safest cities of its size in North America. Among the many things that draw people from across Canada and around the world to choose our city is the knowledge that our children and elders, our property and our sense of security are safe – and will remain so.

Richmond is safe not by accident, but by design.
Preserving and improving safety in our city has been at the heart of my work serving Richmond residents on council since 1993.

  • I have been a clear and unwavering voice supporting our first responders. With my unrelenting backing, we have added 40 police officers.
  • We have replaced or upgraded fire halls.
  • We have reduced residential and vehicle break-ins.
  • Intersection cameras are making drivers, passengers and pedestrians safer.

But enforcement is not the only reason Richmond is a safe community. I have always taken a holistic approach to community safety. On Richmond city council since 1993, I have been a tireless voice for programs and initiatives that build resilient and engaged citizens – beginning with our youngest residents.

  • Strengthening young people and providing limitless opportunities for recreation, advancement, engagement and wellness is a crucial step to building responsible citizens, which in turn supports a safe, welcoming community.
  • Richmond RCMP develops strong, important relationships between police and young people, keeping our younger generations safe and out of trouble. We are proud of the assessment, counselling and referral services that divert potentially troubled young people to better paths.
  • Through my career as a public school educator, and in my decades on Richmond city council, my focus has always been on building confidence, capacity and well-being among the youngest British Columbians. That may be the single most significant strategy for creating safe communities.

We are fortunate to live in a city where all residents are actively engaged in ensuring community safety. We all play a role in preserving the safety of ourselves and our fellow citizens, being vigilant for unusual activity and offering a hand up to neighbours in need.

You’ve got a representative on city council who is making sure you, your family, your home and your community remain the safe and welcoming place we call Richmond.