Family Matters

It is not a coincidence that Richmond is a great place to raise a family. Decades of determined civic policies and programs have created a network of some of the finest recreational, educational and social resources that cater to every individual and family.

Harmonious diversity recognizes that no two families are the same.
I am proud that, over my three decades of serving the people of Richmond on city council, we have only grown more open and welcoming, developing programs and services that recognize differences as a source of beauty and richness.

Being family friendly, of course, includes affordable living.
This is a macroeconomic challenge in a region that is among the world’s most expensive places to live. Local governments do not have the sorts of controls provincial and federal governments have to incentivize affordability, but I have helped ensure that every tool available to Richmond city council has been mobilized to create the maximum possible affordable housing and programs that ease the burden on an average family’s monthly budget.

We have successfully kept taxes among the lowest in Metro Vancouver while delivering services that are the envy of other municipalities.

Whether it is youth sports, seniors’ wellness programs, top-notch playing fields, cycling path networks or outstanding community centres and arts and cultural facilities, Richmond has something for every person and every lifestyle at every age.

Being family friendly also means being safe.

Richmond is one of the safest cities of its size in Canada. This is a result of decades of policies that encourage community engagement, youth recreation, ever-improving fire halls and medical facilities and, yes, enforcement where necessary. I have been a tireless supporter of our first responders and my advocacy and my votes on council are an undeniable part of why this is a safe city.

There are many components that go into making a city family-friendly. Whatever the issue is in front of city council, I view my position through a prism of what is most effective and beneficial for families in Richmond. For three decades as your representative on council, my voice and my vote have always stood for what is best for your family.